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Work With Vabro
Work With Vabro

Features required to Manage Projects,
Workflows, and DevOps

Vabro comes with multiple features that can be customized for Agile teams. Produce desired tangible
outcome in an organized Agile manner using Projects.


Produce desired tangible outcome in an organized Agile manner using Projects.



Control overwhelming workflows and track large ideas by breaking down requirements into Epics.


User Story

Modularize the functionalities to be delivered by creating User Stories.

User Story

Task Group

Task groups in Kanban organize related tasks into manageable sections, enhancing workflow visibility,
prioritization, and overall project efficiency.

task group


Tasks help you accomplish gradual completion of functionalities.



Sprints ensures you ship high-quality Project increment faster and more frequently.



Releases assist you schedule the Project deliverables.


Planning Poker

Determine estimates with built-in gamified planning poker sessions. Bid goodbye to tedious manual estimations.
Indulge in a never-before planning poker game to estimate requirements.

Planning Poker

Product Backlog

Seamlessly integrate operational tasks and work packages into your Scrum workflow, ensuring smooth coordination
between development and operational teams for enhanced efficiency.

Product Backlog


Visualise the work done in a Sprint with Scrumboard


Kanban Board

A Kanban board visualizes workflow stages, tracks task progress, enhances transparency, and
optimizes project management for improved efficiency.

kanban board
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Generative AI

Where teams can utilize the power of AI to generate insightful messages. This is similar to LinkedIn Premium, enhancing communication efficiency and clarity within projects. 

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Documentation with AI

Automating the creation of essential project documentation with precision and accuracy. For example, Vabro uses ChatGPT to generate User Story descriptions, and other essential documents.

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Clone with AI

This helps teams to learn from past projects and experiences, and enables teams to clone successful workflows, and  strategies for future work, thus expediting setup and execution for projects and DevOps. It even provides teams access to past estimates, comments, issues, risks and other parameters, which help more effectively and easily ensure success in similar future projects. 

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Productivity with AI

It enables reuse/learning from past projects, generating messages, automating documentation etc. Vabro leverages its advanced AI-powered capabilities to revolutionize the way teams collaborate and deliver results.

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Improve with AI

As teams use Vabro for their work, the AI engine proactively identifies improvement opportunities, offering tailored suggestions to enhance ROI, boost productivity, and achieve better team outcomes.

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Additional use cases of AI are being built in Vabro such as using LLMs to generate code directly from User Stories and Tasks etc. – and will be available shortly. And Vabro will continue to use AI to keep increasing productivity of IT teams.

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